Beach Body Challenge

Summer is still bathing its sunlight on us and so many of us are still getting into our bikinis.

For some of you that may not bother you in the slightest, but for others it can genuinely present quite a traumatic prospect. The thought of walking around showing our legs, belly and butt probably after a year of doing not much working out has us a bit scared.

So what if there was a simple workout that you could do in 30 days to get you on track for sexy toned legs.

Follow this easy Beach Body 30 Day Leg Challenge to get you on your way! Only six exercises that hit every muscle in your legs to ensure that you get that long lean toned look for summer skirts, shorts and bikinis!

Here are a couple ideas for your warm up; walk up and down a set of stairs or go for a brisk 5-minute walk. Stretching is equally important to do after each workout.


Pop Up Squats – Start with your feet wider than shoulder width apart. Squat down keeping your weight in your heel and bum back, spine long and core pulled in. As you come up jump the feet in together then immediately jump them back out to where you started and repeat.

Single Leg Hip Bridge – Lie down on your back and place your feet on the floor with your legs bent to 90 degrees. Extend one leg straight up into the air, press through the heel of the foot on the floor to extend the hips up towards the ceiling. Slowly lower back down until your tailbone touches the floor.

Complete the full set of reps on one side before doing the other side.

Side Lunge Lifts – You need to start with a very wide stance, bend the left knee and keep the right straight as you lean over to the left side for the side lunge. Return to starting position then transfer the weight to the other foot and extend and lift the left leg up to the side. Repeat full set on one side before moving on to the other.

Jump Lunges – Start in a lunge position, engage the core to steady the body and then power up into a light jump and switch the legs and land softly absorbing the landing.

Calf Raises – Great for balance and core stability as well. Lift the heels as high as you can and slowly return down. Try and keep the same speed in both directions.

Plie Squats – Rotate the hip knee and foot outwards but so they are still all in line and in a wide stance. With weight in the heel squat down engaging the inner thighs to make sure the knees do not roll in and stay in the same direction your feet are pointing.

So there you go! Follow this exercise program for genuine results and great shape and toning.