To empower, motivate and inspire others to lead healthy lifestyles. We do that by having videos that are real, raw and unedited, so you feel inspired and not intimidated. Our workouts are short and filmed inside and out, so you can fit it into your busy schedule wherever you are. With us you can workout anytime, anywhere.


My Fit Life Now has a goal to change the lives of individuals one by one to be happier, healthier and stronger by getting them moving. #moveeveryday #myfitlifenow


At My Fit Life Now we believe that it is about how you feel. We want you to feel inspired, feel like you can do it & be the best self you can be. 

If you are not as active as you would like to be, we are ready to help you start your healthy journey now. By getting active with us you will notice a change within. You will feel better, happier, more energized and more confident.


Jessica is a proud single mother to a young busy boy. She is kind and compassionate with a desire to help other women through health, well being and fitness. Understanding the busyness of ‘mom life’led her to develop these easy to follow at home videos.

Kristy is a busy mom to 3 and a long time fitness enthusiast who enjoys sharing her passion of all things health and wellness! With over a decade in the industry she offers a wealth of knowledge and thrives on helping her clients reach their fitness goals.

After meeting December of 2017 they became instant friends with a passion to help moms find a way to fit fitness into their crazy lives. First they opened and sold Eris Moms Fitness which was a business dedicated to moms in the community to workout alongside their kids with them with indoor & outdoor classes. Hearing numerous requests of busy moms for affordable short workout videos, Kristy and Jessica developed MyFitLifeNow.com, creating a solution for all women today! 

We hope to inspire you and motivate you, and are excited that you have chosen to follow us with your fitness journey.

In Health & Fitness,

xo  Jessica & Kristy