How does MyFitLifeNow memberships work? When you sign up for a free trial, we ask you to submit credit card details so that you can begin your paid subscription easily and without interruption. You will be billed automatically on the same date of each month.  We make it easy for you, so you have continued access for as long as you wish. You will only need to enter your credit card information once unless you cancel or your card it expires.

Is there any way for me to have a trial of the membership before I purchase? We do offer first week free with the option to cancel your membership prior to starting the subscription. If you don’t cancel before your 7 days expires then you will be billed on the 7th day and your full membership will start after that.

Can I cancel my membership? You can cancel your membership at anytime. Once you cancel you will lose access to the membership area. To cancel please login to your account and go to billing, at the bottom click “change my plan” then “cancel membership.”


Do you offer refunds or money back guarantee? No refunds offered on memberships, but you are free to cancel at anytime. We do offer a 1-week trial before your credit card is charged. We are dedicated to creating the best content for you and are confident that you will enjoy.

What happens once I subscribe? Once you join our membership services you will receive an email outlining recommended steps and receive access to our members only Videos, calendars, tracking sheets for goals/progress & workout download forms.

How do I update my payment information or change profile details?
1. Log in to your account on
2. In the upper right corner, click on the ACCOUNT icon. 
3. Edit any of your Profile, Password or Billing information
4. Click Save


Is MyFitLifeNow suitable for beginners? YES, absolutely! We have created this website with beginners in mind. Videos are labelled for intensity level. Advanced/Experienced exercisers may even use beginner videos by adding (heavier) equipment, or taking the movements deeper. Beginners may attempt a workout in the advanced category and modify to suit their needs, but the best bet would be to start with the videos labelled for beginners.

How can I modify the exercises in the videos? In our videos we aim to give modifications for every fitness level. In exercises where jumping is involved, simply take out the jump action, example: high knee jog would become a high knee march, taking out the impact. If you cannot do a strength exercise such as an overhead should press, you may substitute for another exercise that feels better for your body, like a biceps curl. As long as you are moving you are working out to your ability. Further questions can be directed to our email,, or on our Facebook group

What if I feel sore after my workout? If you are new to fitness or it has been a while since you were last in a structured exercise routine, you will most likely feel muscle soreness for a few days after your workout. This is normal and to be expected. If you notice joint pain or swelling that persists, we recommend seeking medical attention. If this occurs, discontinue exercise or modify in a way that is still safe and feels better on your injured area. To help prevent or decrease soreness you must remember to warm up before and stretch and after exercising. Stay hydrated.

How can I prevent myself from getting injured while exercising? Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right or is too hard you need to modify the movement or stop. You must warm up prior to starting any video and you must stretch and cool down after each video.

If I am pregnant can I do the videos? Congratulations! We are happy to work with pregnant women, but it is advised that you seek permission from your medical doctor before partaking in any fitness programs. Follow what feels good for your body and make modifications as needed. For example, in a cardio video where we are jumping you may choose to do a lower impact version of the same exercise, i.e. squats instead of squat jumps. Everybody feels different so trust your own body. Some exercises are not recommended during pregnancy, especially in the later into the third trimester, such as laying on your back and certain core exercises. Please stay tuned for a workout section designed especially for pregnancy. We would love to hear from you to speed up this process 😉

If I am injured or have a medical condition can I still participate? If you are injured or have a medical condition, we suggest you speak with your doctor before starting our workout videos or programs. Though many of the exercises can be modified, you should be supervised with your fitness training to make sure you are doing what is right for your condition as well to prevent any further injury. Ultimately it us up to your best judgement, if after checking out our videos during the free trial and you feel this isn’t a good option for your condition, please cancel your subscription until a better time for your health. Please see our Disclaimer


How is MyFitLifeNow different from other subscription services/programs? We offer fitness videos that are geared towards women with busy lives yet still want to remain healthy, active & strong. Our videos are short and suitable for all levels, they are all under 20 minutes and can be combined with other workouts if you have more time for your workout. We offer a variety of fitness videos, so this is a one-stop shop – from cardio or strength based to stretch and mobility. No gym membership or fancy equipment is required to start feeling fit again.

Do I have support or accountability? YES!  We have a closed Facebook group strictly for those that are a part of the MyFitLifeNow community.  You can ask questions, post photos, give and receive encouragement. You could also find an accountability partner online. We will post challenges, recipes, fitness tips, and keep you updated on new things coming online.  

Do you guarantee results? Results will vary from person to person depending on genetics, workouts chosen, nutrition, how many days you commit to per week, etc.  We do recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after starting with minimum 3 videos per week before you take measurements.

How do I achieve maximum results? 
We encourage you to combine healthy eating habits and regular exercise to achieve optimal results. Follow our printable calendars and look at our fitness & nutrition bundles found on our Fitness Programs tab on the home page to achieve maximum results.

Do I need any equipment to complete the workouts? Our focus is anywhere anytime so most of our workouts are designed mostly equipment free. We do offer some resistance band and dumbbell workout videos as this gives you so much more diversity in the workouts and allows you to really focus on strengthening all muscle groups.

What kind of exercises will I be doing? We offer a variety of exercises and types of workouts. Each video is labelled and has a short description so you will know what to expect. Many of the exercises are bodyweight only, some videos will recommend to use minimal equipment. Our goal is to help you with your FIT LIFE NOW, erasing barriers to simplify your workout.

*Cardio: We have low impact and high impact cardio options for those that are wanting to achieve weight loss results. Low impact is a great option for beginners, or those that have urinary incontinence, or have just had a baby. For those that want to pick it up a notch we have the higher impact and high impact interval training (HIIT) videos available as well. Videos will be labelled as such.

*Strength Exercises: Strength exercises will do so much for your body from sculpting and toning the muscles to improving balance. Depending on what equipment you have available to you, you can add the use of weights to any of the videos where we label as not needing equipment to maximize your results.

*Stretching and Mobility Exercises: These videos can be used at the end of your strength or cardio workout, or even on their own. You will enjoy experiencing a few minutes of deep stretching for your body.

How many workouts are there? Our online fitness video library is constantly growing.  Every month we add additional workouts.  The videos never disappear so you have access to archived videos and new ones.

What is the difference between MyFitLifeNow memberships and the Programs you sell? Memberships offer workout videos to follow with light structure and guidance. You are billed monthly at a low cost and have access to everything in the membership option. The Programs have a specific goal with guidance and instruction with how to complete it.  They are structured to achieve a specific result.  You pay a 1-time fee and own the program.